Capital markets: an overlooked area of fintech where innovation becomes mandatory

By Reginald de Wasseige, Investor at Augmentum Fintech

For the past couple of years, every segment of fintech has been impacted by technology, with opportunities for disruption and competitive advantage becoming far easier to leverage. Capital markets has been somewhat shielded however, with higher barriers to entry which has made…

We are delighted to announce our investment in, the leading provider of account-to-account payments connectivity for international merchants and payment service providers (PSPs). Read on to learn about the Open Banking opportunity and our decision to back the team.

The Open Banking opportunity

Progressive regulation is one of the key pillars which…

A fintech investor’s view of the industry in 2020 and beyond

“What does fintech and the wider financial services sector look like in a post-Covid-19 environment?” No one can yet answer this with any certainty, but little happens in the European fintech space that does not cross our radar screen…

Augmentum Fintech

Augmentum Fintech is the UK’s only publicly listed investment company focusing on the European fintech sector.

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